Zasuwy Warzecha

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 We produce shut-off and control valves with hand-operated, pneumatic and electromechanical actuators. Manufacturing of our valves is based on years of experience in exploitation and overhauling of hydrotransport structures (flotation systems and systems of gravitational enrichment of zinc and lead ores ( in ZGH „Bolesław” S.A., Bukowno ) ).

Our products:

Shut-off valves (DN-50 - DN-400, PN-1.0MPa - PN-1.6MPa)
Control clamp(?) valves (DN-80 - DN-200, PN-1.0MPa - PN-1.6MPa)
Shut-off valves adjusted to hydraulic fill (DN-150 and DN-185, accordingly PN-75/G-44010)

What makeS our mark?

Distinctive feature of our products is simple and faultless construction as well as universality of applications. Individual approach to each order allows us to adjusting our products to client's expectations. Our valves are being used in extremely difficult conditions and still are characterized by very long service life.

Contact details

Aleja 1000-lecia 1G
32-300 Olkusz, Poland

Fax: (32) 642-19-84
Phone: 502-174-640/ 503-093-740
NIP: 637-011-81-68

We provide our clients with the highest quality products. The distinctive features of our company are professionalism and perfection. To match customers' expectations, we are fully involved in every single order.