Zasuwy Warzecha

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Examples of use of our products

  • pump systems for gravitational enrichment of coal and metal ores, specific weight of transported substance up to 2,8 kg/dm³ (aqueous solution of ferrosilicon),
  • hydrotransport of sand to hydraulic fill in coal and metal ores mines (1 mln m³ of sand without need of overhauling),
  • hydrotransport of metal ores flotation tailings (KGHM S.A., ZGH Bolesław S.A.),
  • hydrotransport popiołów w zakładach energetycznych (elektrownie, elektrociepłownie)
  • hydrotransport and pneumatic transport of ashes in power stations (cogenerations, power plants).

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We provide our clients with the highest quality products. The distinctive features of our company are professionalism and perfection. To match customers' expectations, we are fully involved in every single order.